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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the Karate Kids program?
A:  Karate Kids is a lunch-time or after-school program run in elementary schools across Ontario, incorporating character development, physical fitness, and non-contact Martial Arts.

Q:  Who can join the Karate Kids program? 
A:  Karate Kids is typically offered to grades 1 to 6 children.  However, the grade range differs in some schools.  Please see our “Start Dates” section for details regarding your child’s school.

Q:  My child is in a grade that Karate Kids isn't offered to.  What can I do?
A: Our affiliate Martial Arts Centre offers two free trial classes to children such as your son or daughter.  If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please contact Karate Kids Head Office and we will make the arrangements for you. 

Q:  How many Instructors and students make up a Karate Kids class?
A:  An average Karate Kids class is made up of 2 Instructors and 35 students.  In larger classes, Karate Kids maintains a ratio of 1 Instructor to 20 students.  

Q:  Who are the Karate Kids Instructors?
A:  One instructor is a Martial Arts Instructor from the local Karate Kids affiliated Martial Arts Centre, and the other is a fitness enthusiast that specializes in ensuring your child enjoys their Karate Kids experience.  

Q:  Are Karate Kids Instructors trained and certified?
A:  Yes.  Karate Kids Instructors take part in a comprehensive training and certification program prior to teaching a Karate Kids class.  In addition, they have all provided clean Vulnerable Sector Screens or Criminal Record Checks.

Q:  When do Karate Kids classes take place?  
A:  Classes take place once per week, on the same day each week, during the lunch-hour recess or the longer nutrition break (depending on your region), or after-school. 

Q:  Where do Karate Kids classes take place?
A:  Classes take place in the school gymnasium. 

Q:  How long are Karate Kids classes?
A:  Classes are approximately 40 minutes long.

Q:  Are children given time to eat?
A:  Yes, for lunch-time programs children are given ample time to eat before or after the Karate Kids class.  

Q: Can I withdraw my child from the Karate Kids program?
A: Yes.  For programs that are 4 or 5 months long, during the first four weeks of classes, if your child is not enjoying the program you may cancel their membership and receive a FULL REFUND! Your child can even keep the Karate Kids Team Uniform!  Dropout Deadline: After the fourth week of class Karate Kids Canada is unable to accept any membership cancellations and no further refunds will be available. 

Q:  Why is there a deadline to withdraw my child?
A:  Karate Kids teaches children to commit themselves to a goal, to complete what they start, and to remain focused.  After the first month we are no longer able to accept registrations as your child is very close to earning their next coloured belt, completing the Karate Kids program and we are not able to admit another child to take your child’s spot on the team.  We need your support to keep your child focused on their goals.  

Q:  How long is the Karate Kids program?  When does it end?
A:  The Karate Kids program runs for either 4 or 5 months per session. Depending on your child’s school, programs may be separate by grade. For your child’s school’s specific information please see our "Participating Schools" section.

Q:  Is there a limit to how many students can join a Karate Kids class? 
A:  Yes.  Space is limited!  Karate Kids accepts members on a first come basis, and we close registration when a class reaches 50 students.

Q:  What should my child wear to Karate Kids class?
A: Karate Kids members wear a uniform made up of a Karate Kids team t-shirt and a Karate belt. This uniform is included in your Karate Kids membership fee! They should wear this uniform to every class. In addition, you child should wear comfortable pants and inside athletic shoes.

Q:  My child is a member of a Martial Arts Centre and has a Karate uniform.  Can they wear this uniform?
A:  No.  We encourage all Karate Kids to wear the Karate Kids uniform.  However, we encourage your child to wear their own coloured belt.

Q:  My child earned a Karate Belt last year in the Karate Kids program.  Should he/she wear this belt to Karate Kids class?
A:  Yes.  We encourage your child to wear their coloured belt.  Your child will earn new coloured belts this year.

Q:  When are Karate Kids classes cancelled?
A:  Classes are cancelled on holidays, professional development days, early dismissal days, snow days, and when the school gymnasium is in use for school functions such as photo day or an election. 

Q:  How serious is the Karate Kids program if it only takes place once per week for 40 minutes?   
A:  The Karate Kids program is specialty designed for the school system.  The program develops children’s fitness levels and Martial Arts skill while building character.  It is only an introduction to the Martial Arts and therefore once per week is plenty.

Q: What happens when a class is cancelled or they miss a class? Does my child get a “make-up” class?
A:  When a class is cancelled, your child can use the bonus class certificate found in the Parent Information Package. This certificate allows your child and a friend to attend a Martial Arts class at your local Karate Kids affiliated Martial Arts Centre for up to 3 classes.

Q:  How do I register my child in Karate Kids?
A:  To register your child in the Karate Kids program at their school you can call the Karate Kids customer service line at 416 482-8198 or fill out the Karate Kids enrolment form sent home with your child from their school. Return the form with your payment to the main office of their school or to a Karate Kids Instructor.

Q:  Where do I get a Karate Kids enrolment form?
A:  Enrolment forms are distributed to students in advance of or at the first Karate Kids class.  Thereafter, enrolment forms can be obtained from the main office of your child’s school.

Q:  How do I pay for Karate Kids?
A:  You can pay by cheque, credit card, or post-dated cheques. 

Q:  Are there family discounts for multiple children?
A:  No.  The Karate Kids program is already discounted to less than half the cost of a regular Martial Arts program. 

Q:  Will my child be tested for their Karate skills?
A:  Yes.  Every four weeks, children are tested and receive progress stripes to put on their Karate belts.  At the end of the term, children are tested and receive progressive coloured Karate Kids belts

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