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Operating in 7 District School Boards and growing!
Our elementary school program ran in over 91 schools across Southern Ontario last year and is offered to students from grades 1 to 5 (grade range at a school depends on the Principal's decision).

The 40 minute, lunch hour recess class is a combination of three components:
1) Non-Contact Martial Arts: authentic movements originating from masters in Japan.
2) Fitness: games and drills that teach fitness techniques while developing fine motor skills and increase levels of strength and endurance
3) Character Education: lessons in respect, responsibility, integrity, kindness, self-discipline and honesty. The program incorporates the individual initiatives of each School Board into the monthly lesson plans.

Karate Kids ready!Taking place one day per week during the lunch hour recess, this 4 or 5 month program delivers non-contact Martial Arts to children right in their own school gymnasium. The program fee is approximately $50.00 a month before tax HST, which includes uniform and graduation.

Instructor with studentThe Karate Kids Program is taught by responsible and professional instructors that make our specialized curriculum a fun way to promote fitness. We focus on developing positive character traits such as confidence, listening skills, and respect. Unlike many other sports that may be intimidating for some children or revolve around competition, the Karate Kids Program is a fun fitness activity where children can develop skills at their own pace.

Karate Kids working on drillsEvery 4 weeks of the class 7 different students are chosen to be on the Leadership Team. This ensures that every student is given a leadership role during the program and is one of the ways the program helps develop confidence in the students.

Progress Stripes and Achievement Stickers

Karate Kids working on drillsOnce every 4 weeks students are tested for 'progress stripes'. The progress stripes are earned through completing Martial Arts tests as well as homework assignments based on the Character Education lessons. These progress stripes are accumulated on the student's Karate belt until they are ready to graduate to the next colored Karate belt.

Fitness and fun!The coloured belt testings take place at the end of the program. The belt tests are held during the Karate Kids classes, while many of the graduation ceremonies are held at our local instructor’s Martial Arts Centres. These graduation ceremonies are the opportunity for friends and family members to see what their ‘Karate Kids’ have learned in class.

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