Karate Kids Canada
Mission Statement

Karate Kids Canada is a committed team of Martial Arts and Fitness Instructors devoted to bringing the benefits of Martial Arts and character development to children in elementary schools across Canada.

We believe in providing cost-effective, accessible, superior programs. Through our unique combination of Martial Arts, physical fitness and character-education lessons it is the goal of Karate Kids to make a significant and lasting impact on the lives of our students.

Karate Kids Canada's top priorities are: To build strong moral character

Karate kids at attentionKarate Kids classes are designed to bring awareness to the concepts of integrity, self-discipline, courtesy and compassion. Character talks and reward-based assignments integrate these concepts into studentsí daily activities.

To introduce children to basic martial arts

Throwing a kickTraditional Martial Arts helps students develop focus, discipline, and concentration through a controlled class environment, repetitive practice of essential Martial Arts movements and an emphasis on the development of each studentís character, as opposed to winning or losing a game. Karate Kidsí ratio of at least 1 instructor to 20 students ensures that the learning atmosphere is well supervised and controlled.

To make students feel important and acknowledged

Karate Kid and InstructorWe at Karate Kids Canada feel that the development of each child's self confidence is an essential part of our program. Therefore, we have incorporated several forms of acknowledgment into our program, and we strive to recognize every participant in each class. Our program features leadership team participation, earned character-education badges, and monthly progress checks designed to give participants regular, positive feedback.

Increase physical fitness and focus

reverse punchKarate Kids ensures that participants enjoy at least 20 minutes of vigorous physical activity in each class, in a non-contact, non-competitive atmosphere. Our exclusive games teach and develop fine motor-skills and increase students' strength and endurance. Repetitive practice of traditional Martial Arts increases self-control and focus.

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